Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year...2013!

     I'm celebrating New Year's Eve and Day with my friend Kim and her family at their home in Dillon, Colorado - it's one of my favorite places to be (the fire is going, it's snowing outside and their house is surrounded by mountains) - you can see why this is an ideal place to ring in 2013!
     As I started to write this my mind started racing with thoughts and memories of 2012 - it's a year that's brought good and not so good to my life personally, wonderful travels, making new friends and appreciating those that have been in my life a long time! 
     I went through a break up earlier in the year that shook my core, I thought it was the real thing but through that experience, I've learned a lot about myself, what I want and am still looking for. In April I decided to take my version of an "eat, pray, love" vacation and traveled to Costa Rica to learn how to surf - it wasn't just about the surf, it was being comfortable with the ocean, meeting new people and soaking up some good ole fashion sunshine!
     In May I joined my sister Wendy, her husband Darin and some good friends for a week in Southern France! It was a last minute trip for me (literally booked on Tuesday and flew out Saturday) - they had rented an apartment outside of Nice, France - we spent a week exploring Cannes, Eze, Monte Carlo and Cap Ferrat - it was WONDERFUL and definitely more than I could have asked for! 
     I couldn't have made it this year without my family and friends! They mean the world to me and have been there to listen, let me cry, share advice, and challenge me when I needed it!
     In October I had my annual exam and discovered a lump and to make a long story short, after a biopsy and a few tests (thanks Kim for holding my hand through that stuff) I had surgery on Dec 18. They removed a mass and lymph nodes in my left armpit but thank goodness - all of it is BENIGN!! It was the best Christmas present I could have asked for (thanks again to my family, Kim, Jenn, Jacqui, Megan, Sheri, Liz, Katie, Batya, Dena, Stacy - the love and support was tremendous!)
    Like I said 2012 was one for the "ups and downs" but we all learn and grow and through good times  and rough times you appreciate who was there for you, who held your hand, offered a shoulder and loves you! I'm grateful everyday for the terrific people in my life that I have been blessed with!
     I wrote a things down this morning that I want to try in 2013, work on personally and professionally, a good workout challenge but most importantly - to STOP and ENJOY my beautiful life!

A few of my favorite memories in 2012:

  •          Nashville weekend with my Chicago ladies
  •          Spending a weekend and pretending to be a "mom" with Lizi and Megan 
  •          Sisters weekend in Phoenix
  •          Wendy's 40th birthday
  •          Spending a night at the Children's Hospital with Megan & laughing all night long!
  •          My first 14er
  •          Skiing and skinning with Kim
  •          Junior Olympics weekend with the Andersen's
  •          Bronco games! Thanks Stacy, Dena, and Lizi for joining me.

                         Happy New to all of you! I look forward to 2013! xo