Sunday, April 21, 2013

La Vie en Rose

     Since I can remember my parents have made a big deal about birthdays! When we were kids this translated to "birthday week" - we could pick our favorite foods to eat, watch TV at dinner vs the news and my mom at some point would make pancakes for breakfast to spell out our names.  As an adult some of this has changed - we have jobs, no pancakes to spell out K-R-I-S-T-I-N, I watch TV when I want but no matter where I am I still celebrate my birthday week!
     This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday - and I had fabulous plans with Sheri, Liz and Mike! We went to my favorite restaurant in Denver - A Cote/Z Cuisine!!! It's the best French Bistro I've been to.  It's located in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver and the ambiance is perfect.
    I love their La Vie en Rose cocktail - grapefruit and Grey Goose vodka granite with a splash of Rose Champagne.  It's light, fresh and so delicious.
    For my dinner, no question, always go with the Tartine gratinee Facon Madame.  It's a slice of artisan bread layered with Long's Farm local ham, bechamel sauce blanch - imported Emmethal, Raclette and Vacherin cheeses baked for 20 minutes and served with a gently fried egg on top and a petite salade vinaigrette on the side.  The flavors work so well together, the cheese sauce with salade, if only they were open on a Sunday - I'd head there for dinner tonight.
   It was the perfect birthday - a lot of laughs, fabulous cocktails and spending time with my dear friends!
My sent me my favorite flowers - Gerbera Daisies! 
La Vie en Rose
Tartine gratinee Facon Madame
Liz, Mike, Sheri and I!  (Kent was at a work event) but these 4 have made living in Denver beyond fun!!

Birthday week in Denver was terrific! Friends, laughter and La Vie en Rose! xo