Monday, January 7, 2013

When Life Hands You Lemons...

     My friend Alex sent me a card awhile ago and on the front it was a little girl and said "When life hands you lemons" and you open the card and the girl had put them in her bra! It made me laugh so hard - considering my surgery last month it really had me laughing!  In my last post I mentioned how important friends and family are - it continues!
     Last Thursday I ran out to my office and met with my boss to find out my job is being eliminated on Feb 1.  I love my job, the people, being in Denver, working from home and traveling on Southwest quite a few times a month!  One of the biggest things I learned from this company is how important life/work balance is!! As I start to put my resume together, network and think about the future I took a few minutes to look at pictures and show myself what makes my life the very best - it's the people in it that make each day special and continue to tell me something better is around the corner.
     Here are a few of my favorites!
My mom gave me this card at Christmas - put a smile on my face right away - love the red boots, the sass and spunk that goes with the image! 
Chicago!!!! There is an energy around this city that compares to no other! I do miss my condo there!!!  Apply for jobs there and keeping my options open.
Wendy, Darin and I at the Phoenix Open last year! Sun, fun and hanging out with 2 of my favorite people!!
A few of my Christmas gifts! The Cannes poster with Marilyn was something I wanted from the time we landed in France last May, The Sunshine Family was something I played with as a kid, One Good Deed a Day (need to keep that up) and a frame my mom made me from my Pinterest boards!!
Sisters weekend in Phoenix - Eat, Drink, Shop...repeat!
Oh! How I love Southwest Airlines - they've been so good to me! 
This was a fav day - Red Rocks! Jacqui! New car! Morrison Inn!
This is my Nonnie with Wendy and I.  I loved her so much! She taught us to be strong, positive and independent women! She is missed everyday!!!  
My mom!! The most selfless person I know! She gives her heart 100% and is always there to listen and let me be me! Love her to the moon and back!!
Barcelona! Darin, Jason, Mike and I. Good eats and laughs!!
Melissa, where would I be without you? So glad we've stayed friends after I moved from Chicago - you keep me positive!
And those cameras! The cameraman were good to me - let's see what this weekend brings!?
The Packers will always be #1 to me! Family time at the game - a Christmas tradition!!  Thanks Glen!
Stacy and I - from college to now and forward - always a good time to be had!!!!  We'll be back this weekend for the playoff game! Let's go Broncos!
My 40th and our trip to Italy! Wine, wine and more wine! Jenn, Katie, Becky and I.
Sabri and I at the Bronco - Bears game in Denver! So much fun having her visit for a weekend!!! Come back Sabri!
Oh Sheri! You keep me laughing! Love you girl! So lucky to have Sheri and Kent in Golden!
Jeff, Kateri and I in Breck! Great night - catching up before Jeff rode the Triple Bypass and the ladies got their nails done!
Jen, Jim and I in Chicago - Jen's been a staple in our lives! Always fun to see them and catch up over her cookies and taco dip.
Another version of sisters weekend - Lisa, Louise, Beth, Kateri, Wendy, Kristin & Karen! The laughs we had - thanks again Kateri for that incredible trip to Maryland!!
For some reason Kim and I are inside more than we're on the slopes - Not sure where I would be without all of the Andersen's!  Lizi, Kim and I at Keystone! 
and here's little Megan! Junior Olympics in Steamboat.... 
Osmundson-Walker Clan! Denise, Darin, Wendy and Jimmy at Breck Golf.  Love having Jimmy and Denise in Breck!!
It's all about the outfit! Something I put together in Cabo!
Katie and I in Cabo - best friend week! We laughed, laughed and drank!!  Def need to go back soon!
Monte Carlo - this picture tells you without words how beautiful of a trip this was! Jenn, Kristin, Wendy and Kateri.
Jenn and I in Cannes! We missed the film festival by a few days.
There is a pic of Kim and I skiing...or rather skinning at this time! Amazing workout!!
Liz, Mike and I - the 3 muskateers! From the moment I decided to move to Denver they welcomed me with open arms (well, maybe not Mike since he's not a hugger!) 
Costa Rica - Melissa was one of the 11 women we met on this trip. We'd laugh for hours in the ocean, splashing around and sharing our dating drama! 
My sister Wendy! She's the world to me and my best friend! She opens always there and laughing with me and sometimes at me! :)  
France! What a trip!!
Friday night Happy Hours! What else would we have done this summer?? Thanks Jacqui for always opening your home to me for a fabulous night and our walks the next day!
Stacy and I.  Thank you University of Wyoming for introducing us to each other - and letting me share your house in Laramie!
Melissa, Sabri and I in Nashville.... up to NO good! This sh$t just got real!!
Lora - always a phone call away! Dinner out in Denver during out girls weekend. Tried to pack as much into 2 days as we could!!
Megan!!!! Love this pic and her! Copper Mountain! Who knew a 13 year old could teach you so much about life!!!
This picture was from my sister's wedding but I have it in my family room and look at it daily! I love each of them so much!!! Wendy, Mom, Dad, Boyd, Kris, Colleen and Paul! So many laughs, hugs and lots of love!!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did!  Life may be giving me some lemons right now but I'm going to do my best to keep my head up, send my resume out and make some lemonade!  xo