Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hey Michigan Ave...I've missed you!

     When I moved to Chicago in 2005 I knew I wanted to be in the South Loop - it was the up and coming area and I liked being close to the lake and having Michigan Ave right there!  It took me quite a while to find the right place for me - a lot of the new construction was too "cookie cutter", no personality and I needed something that screamed KRISTIN! when I walked through the front door.. so after months and months of walk-thrus, drive-bys and dragging my realtor around - I found it!
     I will never forget that Friday night that my realtor called and said this condo just came open today, we're listing it and we need to go NOW... and so we did! This is it I told her as I walked around, it was located in an old building that had been renovated and the original owner was a carpenter and built an upstairs and a ladder into the wall to get up there... she designed the back splash and added the side by side washer and dryer with extra storage.
     The unit is on the top floor of a 6 story building and sits on Michigan Ave - I walked onto balcony (wrap around I might add) and there was lake view... I had to hold down my excitement as there were a few other people walking around and checking it out too.  I def would need to update the paint, change up some colors and eventually change out the appliances but I knew this was the place for me!  We wrote up the offer, it was accepted and I moved in 1 month later.
     I love the space, the view, my neighbors and am so excited to be back home!
The entry way... I hired a designer to come in and paint this area, the ceilings and my bedroom and bath.   This room gets western sun in the afternoon and when I picked this blue mixed with the sunshine makes the room so happy! 
My bedroom - this was taken from the loft upstairs - it wraps around and has a door to close off the room and upstairs loft.  I had it painted with Ralph Lauren suede paint - 2 walls are a grey tone, 1 is chocolate brown and the brick wall - it's a true urban city feel.
Better view of living room from the upstairs - I like to keep things simple - I had the couch made to fit the size of my loft and kept it neutral.  The TV is in the armoire so I can close the doors if not watching.
I will changing out the marble around the fireplace this year. 
This is the ladder that was built into the wall to get upstairs... it's unique and again gives it a true city feel.  
Kitchen and dining room space. I'm changing out the white appliances this year  and  giving the granite counters a refresh.
Better view of the upstairs loft area.... the window is an old door and has a hinge to open and widen the space.  Used the same door on the left to close off the upstairs loft/bedroom.  The upstairs is my favorite space - I have my desk, yoga area and a comfy couch. 
Another view of the blue wall...this was my move out day.
Better view of brick, dining room and balcony door. 

Here's my building - I like being in a 6 story vs a high rise... my condo is the top balcony.
Painted the floor with a diamond design - another view of the window that opens to my bedroom.

This should be called the "before" photo as this kitchen is about to change.

Well, that's a quick peak into my Chicago condo. I'm counting down the days to be home and  June 1 is the perfect time as there is nothing better than a Chicago Summer! Come visit! xo


  1. K.L. -- What a cool place! Can't wait to see it in person and better yet, to see YOU, my long lost friend!! I am sad to admit that we have lost touch, and am looking forward to the chance to reconnect with you now that we will be in the same city. Congrats on the move back, the new job, and what looks to be a great new chapter of life. See u soon!!!

  2. Looking forward to having you back, neighbor!