Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sweet Chicago...I'm coming home!

I took this photo of the Chicago skyline in 1997 when living in Chicago was simply a dream!

     It's been awhile since I've posted...just a few things going on in my life but as they say, When Life Hands You, see your family, visit new places, lose a job and get a better one!! As of Feb 1 I was unemployed and for people that know me that meant very little - I was interviewing, networking and making some big decisions about life!
     As of March 4 I'm excited to tell the world I'm employed and moving back to Chicago.  I bought a condo there in March 2007 and I've been renting it for the past 2 1/2 years while I've been in Denver... we'll leave my condo for another post...but as sad as I am to leave Colorado and all it's sunshine, mountains and friends - I get to move back to Chicago and move into my own condo.
     My new company flew me to Chicago last weekend for some meetings and put me up at The Trump  - it was the perfect way to soak up the energy of the city, get a morning run in and be grateful that I'm  coming back to my family and friends.
The view and architecture of the city never gets old! This is the Wrigley Building and a peak of the river (it will be green as of next Saturday for St Patrick's Day)
My morning run - when I lived in Chicago my friend Dawn at I would meet at 4:45am to get a few miles in - I took this at 5:45am but still that same feeling - nothing beats the energy of Chicago!!
Who doesn't love a pair of slippers - waiting for me upon check in - it's the added touches that make this hotel so fabulous!
I should have lightened this as the darkness doesn't do it justice - the rooms are soothing and you feel relaxed just being in one... turn down service at night, Nespresso maker in the room and who doesn't love a TV in the bathroom mirror?
We had a long day and ended up at Smith & Wollensky for dinner - I chose the tuna, always rare with a wine reduction
My new friend/co-worker, Tina, ordered oysters for the table - she's an East Coaster so she asked if she could prepare for me... delicious!
What better to wash down our amazing dinner - an UNoaked Chardonnay.
Our 2nd day we had 45 min to grab lunch so we decided on Sixteen, the exquisite restaurant on the Sixteen Floor of the Trump - wow! Too much money for too little food... I understand this would be a treat for people - the view is spectacular but when you need a quick lunch, no good.
This was the amuse Bouche... cucumber gelatin with sliced scallion and caviar.
Smoked potato leak and truffle soup - delicious and I appreciated the presentation.
Lobster potato gnocchi with winter citrus - the flavors worked well together, the only problem I needed about 3 more cups of it. :)
Portillo's... this is truly all I wanted while visiting Chicago! My favorite Italian Beef Sandwich with sweet peppers - there is nothing like it! I didn't get the chocolate cake but highly recommend to anyone in Chicago - you have to try a piece to understand how moist and chocolaty it is!

Well, that was literally a taste of my trip back to Chicago... there will be many more posts to come - there are so many terrific restaurants, neighborhoods and people in this city - can't wait to be back!  Life is an adventure, my seat belt is strapped and I'm ready for the ride! xo

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