Sunday, June 23, 2013

From Chicago to the Amalfi Coast and All Adventures In Between!

     3 years ago we made our first trip to Italy - thank you again Jim and Susan for helping us arrange one of my most favorite trips!  This year as we sat down to think about where we wanted to go and who should be making the trek abroad.. we decided on Italy and this time the Amalfi Coast would be our destination!
     So, here we are - 14 of us in a 7 bedroom/7 bath villa near the town of Nerano - 127 steps from the water.  It's been quite the excursion to get here - planes, trains and automobiles! I left Chicago and got on the train to O'Hare - while checking in and heading to security I was notified that my flight out of the USA was cancelled and at that point I knew the fun was about to begin.  After numerous attempts United got me on a flight through Munich and eventually in Rome.  Arriving at the Rome airport around 3pm, I grabbed my luggage and was ready to join the crew - next up, load 2 vans and start the drive. Here we go.
Yes, this is what I'm taking and eventually it will be somewhat packed and organized. It's going to be a sundress kind of trip.

I'm prepared - you name it I'm ready - all the products we need for 9 days in Italy.

Here's the train part... the adventure begins!
We stopped for dinner - these are the beach houses, loved the colors against the blue water. 
What a view! Sat down for dinner outside Nerano - not sure if it's due to the long day of travel or our  "hangry mode"...but it was the best pasta I've had.
A little house wine - why, yes I will! We may have gone through 8 bottles at dinner.. maybe?
Darin ordered a large beer - quiet delicious and hit the spot. 
This was my dinner - homemade pasta (I will attempt when I get back to Chicago) with shrimp and mushrooms in a white cream sauce. 
Limoncello! Perfecto - best way to end the meal and toast to our wonderful friendships and being in the Amalfi Coast.
Nothing needs to be said here - this is AMAZING!!! 
Our drivers pulled over to show us how beautiful the Amalfi Coast is.. this was after 28 hours of travel. 
And another... 
Took this picture from our villa - we have a beach and little restaurant with the best caprese panini. 
Peroni anyone? 
After hours in the sun we took a small walk to grab an American and Prosecco.... this life doesn't get old.  
First view in our villa - tomorrow I will post more. We didn't arrive until 10pm last night so the photos were limited. 
The tile in a bedroom - just find it devine!

So, life in the Amalfi is going to be good - thanks for  following my adventure throughout the Amalfi Coast, Isle of Capri and can't wait to get Positano and look for ceramics.  xo


  1. Great post Kog! It will make a great Shutterfly album. Your photos are super... love the beach houses with the flags. Thanks for letting us travel with you. Mom

  2. I am so freakin' jealous right now!!! Wish I was there - screw Japan!!