Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ciao Italy!

     We've been home a few weeks already but I was going through pics tonight and realized I never posted the rest of the trip.  The Internet was spotty and let's face it, part of vacation is about disconnecting so I gave that a whirl and actually didn't have phone or text while traveling so it made me shut-down and appreciate where I was.  Hands down the best day on vacation was renting the boat/captain to take us to Isle of Capri (did you know we pronounce it incorrectly!)  It was the perfect day - the captain brought Prosecco, fresh fruit and warm towels - what else do you need besides sunshine, friends and a lot of laughing!  Enjoy the rest of our trip!
View from our balcony! The water color amazed me everyday - so blue and inviting! 
This is our villa - perched in the trees.  3 stories, pool and a beautiful view.   Did I tell you that Beyonce and J-Z stayed here? It was a great location to walk down the steps to water and restaurant or a 15 min walk to town. 

Day on the boat - we kept taking photos of the yachts around us - saw one called Diamonds are Forever - and it's for sale. 
This is my sister Wendy - my best friend and one of my very favorite travel partners! She's the most positive person I know and is always smiling. Love her to the moon and back! 

The Green Grotto - our Captain pulled over and told us if we wanted to dive off and swim he'd meet us on the other side.  I'm not the strongest swimmer but it took me 2 seconds to know I'm doing this! In we went - my sister was my biggest cheerleader! BEST part of the day!!!

Until the Captain spotted the jellyfish... a few were stung but I made it onto the boat without a mark.  Still the best moment - look at the color of that water!

Natalie captured my happiness with the camera!  The water was cool but it was worth it and still so fun to say we swam The Green Grotto! 

Sabri and I! We had so much fun and so many giggles on this trip! 
Wendy at our beach side cafe - perfect place to head for our morning Cafe Americano!

In one photo I show me jumping into the ocean and in this one I can tell you my sister and I LOVE Jaws! It's a classic so when we saw this guy in Positano I had to get his picture! 

Isle of Capri - stopped to grab a snack and ended up being my lunch.  Best pasta salad and trying to remake at home. Pasta (did I tell you I bought a pasta maker?), tomatoes, peas, asparagus, fresh mozzarella along with OO, salt and pepper. Delicious!!!

This was my staple everyday - Caprese salad - loved it so much but on the last day the waiter told me "no caprese for you today!"

And we're off to Rome! Jason and I had to share our golden train ticket - we had stopped in Pompeii and were on to our last night in Rome. 

Our last night at Marriott Park Hotel - we stayed here 3 years ago - still received a welcome glass of Prosecco!  2 of my favorite things - espresso and bubbles!

Sabri - Wendy - me - Natalie....can't tell you how much I loved these group of women - we sang, laughed and ate our way along the Amalfi Coast.  

When in Rome... toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain and wish for another trip to Italy!

This was my 2nd trip to Italy in the past 3 years - I would tell everyone to add it to your bucket list!  It's a beautiful country with fabulous food, history and people! As we said throughout our trip - "tippy tippy tay" - That's Amore! xo


  1. Amazing! It was as if I was there all over again. Such great memories!!

  2. Looks so fun! the pic of u yacht watching is also super hot :P

  3. Great pictures! You all look good in every one of them. I think your villa is beautiful... a great way to travel. Mmmmm... pasta salad looked good. I just took a recipe off of Pinterest for a bowtie pasta with red grapes, red onion, broccoli, bacon and a sweet sour dressing. I'm glad you had such a nice group of gals to travel with. Where's the next trip?