Saturday, May 9, 2015

30 years!

     30 years ago today my dad checked into rehab for alcoholism.  There isn't a day that goes by I don't thank God for helping him, guiding him and keeping him sober.  I remember him going away for 30 days - he was going to be living in Minnesota for a month.  My sister and I could send him letters and cards but he wouldn't be able to get visitors.

     I know when I was 15 I didn't understand what all of this meant but as I got older I understood and continue to understand how important those 30 days were.  It saved my dad!  He has always told us to   take "one day at a time" and know the Serenity Prayer.

    I love my dad so much and can't express how proud I am of him - being in sales, having alcohol around you all the time and being able to say no because you know you can't go back to life as it was 30 + years ago.

    Thank you Hazelden, my dads friends for supporting him, my family and mostly God for being there and watching over my dad daily! We got a 2nd chance on May 9th, 1985! xo

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