Monday, September 5, 2016

When Things Are Meant To Be!

     Sometimes things happen to us and we are running so fast that we don't realize this opportunity is about to change your life for the better! Until you stop, take a breath and look around - you realize its happening because this is where your life is meant to be.. for me that is taking a new job, in a new industry, selling my condo in Chicago and moving to Arizona -  - all in 6 weeks!

     My sister and I have been talking about this for awhile... how am I going to move to Phoenix to be closer to my niece and nephew, my family and be able to slow down and create some work/life balance.  I think it's true when you least expect it - IT HAPPENS!  I've been putting it out there for awhile and thought maybe in 10 years it would happen never did I think I'd get a call on July 1st that could change my life as I know it today. 

     My brother in law and I were loading up a moving truck on July 1st - we were about to drive 30 hours with my mom's life and her dog when my recruiter called and said "do I have an opportunity for you!"

     This week I'm wrapping up my current job, saying good-bye to accounts I've been selling to for a long time, people I love working with but it's going to be ok because I know the decision I've made to move to Phoenix and change jobs is the best thing for ME!!!

     I'm leaving on Thursday and will be driving - I told myself I need to use this drive to relax, recharge, see friends along the way and stop, take a breath, take some pictures and know that this drive will take me to my new life in Arizona!!  I'll be stopping in Des Moines (seeing a couple friends), then driving to Breckenridge, CO (staying with friends and soaking up my favorite mountains) and finally driving thru Utah and into AZ!

     I look forward to sharing my pics and drive West!! xo

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