Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time To Say Good-Bye.. or it was a few months ago.

     Apparently starting a new job, moving, leaving friends, living with your family, traveling for work planning a vacation and moving back into ones own condo has kept me a little busy the past few months and it looks like I never posted my "good-bye and hello" pics. I'm going to let the photos do the talking - it was fun to look back at these - seems like I've been back here forever and at times like I never lived in CO.  Thank goodness for photos and memories... It was sad to say bye and it looks like I'm missing a few people (ie: Andersen's and Denise) but cheers to the many trips back to CO to see everyone!
Rachel - myself - Batya, miss these ladies so much! We got into a terrific habit of having ladies wine nights - my good-bye night with them was at my fav Z Cuisine! (Remember this from my birthday blog) 
I know the movers were a tad shocked when they saw how organized my place was. I tried to keep plastic bins to one side and corrugated boxes on the other. I had them labeled and ready to apply the numbers to move them out.  
It ended up being a really thing that I did this as well as taking photos of all my furniture - let's say my things didn't arrive in Chicago the same way they left Denver. Most of my furniture was damaged and when you move across states no one takes responsibility.  Moving is kind of a nightmare! :) 
For anyone in CO - DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!! There, I said it and posted it - moving on. They wrapped all my heaving things in paper vs blankets.. oh well, as my Nonnie use to say "this too shall pass!"
Prosecco!! The start of my going away party that Sheri and Liz put together - thank you again. It was such a special night and really the first time my college and high school friends hung out.  Denise & Jimmy along with Kim & Dave were out of town... 
Thank you Sheri! Love this sign - she had it sitting out for everyone to sign and leave a message on.  (check out the trees in the background that Mollie painted - beyond cool!) 
Delicious food and bubbly...of course! It's exactly what I wanted - just to see everyone and say good-bye. 
So, here it goes - I tried to get a pic with everyone. This is Kent and Sheri - I've knows Kent since we were 16 and I love his wife to pieces.  She always has a smile and a hug and made me laugh... Thank you Kent and Sheri for making my time in CO so fun!! xo
Mollie lives in WI - we Cheddarheads must stick together - isn't she adorable, I kept calling her a pocket pal.  Can't wait to see her in Chicago - we share a love of shoes and fashion. 
Where do I start with these 2? They let me live with them when I moved to Denver in 2010 - were ALWAYS there for me, always up for a glass of wine/dinner... they are THE BEST! Love you both!! (PS Mike loves hugs - ha!) I am lucky to say that moving back to Chicago comes with a big plus, Liz's sister Katie (one of my besties from high school) lives close by so now I get to see her for wine and dinner! Yah me!  
The U of Wyoming Crew. Willy - Stacy - Kristin - Wes - Jenn
When I think how long we have all known each other - Stacy (college roomie for awhile and always there for me) was my Bronco buddy and will take over most of my 2013 Season tix and Jenn is one of my besties that has more talent in her pinky than most people will ever have. Can't wait for her to visit this Fall as I've got a list of DIY projects ready.
Stacy, when are you coming this way?? 

Love this pic! Miss her tons and can't wait for her to visit. 

Dave- Jen - myself.  I met Jen through Stacy and am so lucky - she has an amazing attitude and drive for life.  I always feel so refreshed walking away from our lunches or chats. Miss you Jen! 

More Wisco peeps!  Myself - Justina - Jonas... so much fun to hang out with them while in Denver. They got me the best gift - Chicago Magazine.. since I've been gone for almost 3 years it's so helpful to know all the hot spots!! Thank you for your ever amazing energy Justina!! xo
As the watch says.... time to get a move on. It was time to say good-bye, get a good night rest and hit the road. I was heading from Denver to Oshkosh, WI to stay with my dad and stepmom for a few wks until my tenants could get out of my condo. 
Bikes loaded. Gas. Snacks... next stop - Des Moines to stay the night and see my friend Jill - it's been almost 10 years... where does the time go? 

My favorite road trip snacks... have you tried the caramel bugles?? So damn good! 
This is Jill - we became friends in 1997 and instantly I knew she was going to be a friend for life - spent so many fun times, our trip to Florida, being in her wedding and finding her again after all these years.  We met for breakfast at The Cracker Barrel and we saw each other and both stood there crying - I've missed her so much! 
Welcome to Wisconsin! I'm about 3 hours from home and after driving 14 hours.. I can't wait. The only things I asked for - my mom come over to my dads, my dad make his grilled hamburgers and we walk around the block a few times to start catching up. 
These are the best hamburgers you will have - with White Sharp Cheddar, homemade fries and my favorite olive oil dressing on the salad. It was the best dinner and so nice to see my family and catch up in person!!!!! Love you all!

This was in my bedroom when I went to turn in that night. Love my dad! xo

Well, as you can see -Denver was terrific, amazing friends and memories but I was so lucky to spend time in Oshkosh and see my family, friends and spend amazing time with my nieces.
While I was home my best friend Kris' dad passed away - I thank God I was able to see him when I came back, attend the service, and be able to spend time with she & her family! They have been in my life a long time - her dad was an amazing man, kind and I know he's smiling down from Heaven with a Manhattan and watching over everyone! xo

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