Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello NYC Fashion Week!!

     I love September - not only does the weather start to change, Football season starts, but Fashion Week in NYC takes place!!
     I'm sure you all have bucket lists - or maybe you call them something else, but one of my bucket list items is to attend a Runway Show in NYC during Fashion Week. I get so excited as you see the new lines coming out, the Designers making appearances alongside their latest creations, and simply just the buzz that covers the city!  The champagne, the flower arrangements, the cameras and trends! LOVE!
     One of the reasons I loved the show "Sex in the City" was for all the clothes, shoes and handbags! I must admit, I do own a pair of Manolo Blahnik - they make you feel sassy, sexy and on top of the world. I have many favorites - Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, & Burberry - Anthropologie and Nordstrom too (I'll do a post on those 2 stores another time) - it doesn't matter if it's vintage, modern or handmade, I love Fashion!
   For now, since I can't get to NYC for the week, I'll enjoy my catalogs and deliveries. Every month I await the Anthropologie catalog in my mailbox (this month was a bonus with the Nordstrom's catalog and the new Sundance one too).  Pour a glass of bubbly, curl up on the couch with my Sharpie and circle all the items I declare as my 'must haves' for the season.  Now you may find this funny, but I after I've circled what I 'want for my closet' I cut out my top 3 from each catalog and tape to my refrigerator door as my 'wishes' for the future - I have magazine/catalog clippings for that fabulous Chloe bag to a fun flirty dress from Anthro - its my very own fashion vision board.

Enjoy your Friday and enjoy Fashion Week in NYC!!! xo

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  1. I love Fashion Week too! I love watching documentaries on Netflix about the tents, the runways, and the designers... and hearing the stories about how important those front row seats are. You can always find Anna Wintour (editer of Vogue) in front row, center.