Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome Peyton!

     This past weekend kicked off one of the best seasons of the year - I know you are all thinking it's not Fall yet, correct, it's FOOTBALL season! I love football - NFL, College, PeeWee...ok, kidding about PeeWee.  Tailgating, football pools, and gathering of friends to cheer on your favorite team!
     I grew up in Wisconsin and we LOVE our Green Bay Packers! I moved to Chicago years ago and I remember my dad wanting to talk to me about the move - I thought it would be about paying the rent on time, making sure to make my bed or never leave your dishes in the sink - nope, he wanted to make sure I continued to cheer on the Packers and just because I was living in Chicago there would be no room for a Bears fan in our household!
    When I moved to Denver 18 months ago I never thought in a million years I would be lucky enough to get Bronco season tickets (thank you Lisa!!) - I know what you're thinking and yes, I'm still a GB Packer fan, but c'mon the Packers have to play in Denver at some point!
     Again, I'm so grateful to have the tickets and did I share they are the 1st ROW and close to the end zone!  I'd never been to Mile High Stadium (now called Sports Authority Field) and I wasn't sure what to expect - I remember walking down to my seats...I stopped and started to grin from ear to ear, the seats are fantastic!
     I will share more posts on the games as the season continues but this post is all about a man named Peyton Manning - he's our new Quarterback - thank you Indiana for giving him up! Last season we had  Tim Tebow - great man, gives a lot to the community and brought a level of energy to the game/stadium that Denver definitely needed but he moved on to the NY Jets this season once Manning came on board, ok, sorry back to the game on Sunday!
    Sunday we played the Pittsburgh Steelers - it was a big game for both teams - we have a new Quarterback and last January we beat the Steelers in overtime of a Playoff game, 29-23!
Each game there are skydivers that land on the field before the National Anthem is played.

All eyes are on them as they glide in from above

Landed safely! National Anthem plays and the jets flew overhead! 
Let the game begin! 
This is my college friend Stacy, so lucky to have her and her family living in Denver and did I mention she loves FB even more than I do!  This photo gives you an idea how close we are to all the action!
Stacy and I grabbed a drink, Cheers!! Go Broncos!
That's him, #18, Peyton Manning!! He brought the stadium to their feet - he was on fire and it was fun to welcome him to Denver! We love you Peyton Manning!
Touchdown!!!! Look at the cameras! They are so good to us - we were on the jumbo tron a few times - last year for the season opener Stacy and I were on TV 6 times...crazy fun!
Another shot of Peyton - he brings a level of leadership to the team that is great to see.

Well, it was an incredible game! We were up, down, cheering, screaming, and waving our pompoms all around! The stadium was electric and fun to watch a new Quarterback bring another season of excitement to Denver!
We won! 31-19! Here's to another great season Denver - let the tailgating and cheering begin again in 2 weeks.  And for those of you paying attention, I may love my Denver team but my true love is still the Green Bay Packers!! 
This is from last season (Thank you Denver Post) but I had to wear both shirts since Denver was playing Chicago! See dad, I told you I would NEVER become a Chicago Bears Fan!! xo


  1. Another great post! Love the photo with your two shirt layered. Too bad Google makes it so difficult to leave a comment... I'd love to hear what some Packer fans have to say.

  2. Oh geez. Here I am moping about that debacle of a Bears game and I stumbled across your blog! With great anticipation, I had DVR'd the game and I just got done wasting the last 2-1/2 hours of my life watching your Packers have their way with us. I don't even know you, but I am shaking my fist at you nonetheless!!

    I moved here (Denver) from Chicago in '95. The weather is a huge upgrade! Hope you love it here like I do.