Monday, September 24, 2012

Test Drive Anyone?

     It's been a crazy week (sorry this has taken a few days to post) - Burton movie premiere, friend from Chicago in town ( I got to watch her 1 year old), trip to ER with a friend, so why not add car shopping to the list of things to do!  A couple weeks ago the car dealer called me, yes - they CALLED ME! Asking if I want to get rid of my car (2009 VW Passat) apparently there is a shortage of 2009 cars for sale (everyone call your dealership).  I told them I would stop by on Friday but seriously went in for the entertainment and didn't expect to land a deal.  As a female, I must tell you buying a car is right up there with trying on swimsuits or jean shopping - definitely not my idea of fun!  I'm in sales so I understand when I walk in that door the amount of schmoozing that is about to start dripping, especially being a woman, they love this and wait for us to come 'looking'...well, once again, my dad would be proud. I looked around, had an idea of what I wanted, had done my research and know that I can call my brother-in-law Darin if I need some questions answered.  I took the VW Touareg out for a spin, the entire time the guy trying to sell me on the features and benefits of a car he's probably been in twice. We got back to the dealership and he asked what I thought, "nice"- but I won't know until I try to take it to the mountains and considering it was Friday at 5pm I wasn't going to attempt that one but thought I could try it out for a couple days and see what I think... he laughed and said "we don't let people take the cars for weekend" -  to keep this story short - they did. I had the car until Monday at noon.
     I woke up Saturday and called my friend Jacqui, "are you up for a drive and in return I'll treat you to lunch?"I picked her up at 11am and away we went. I wanted to test the car on I-70... per Darin, that is the road to test the "pick up and go"... so we did. Jacqui was up for anything so we started our adventure through Evergreen, CO - to Morrison, CO taking the canyon road. We stopped for lunch at a favorite Mexican Restaurant and shopped then drove a mile down the road to Red Rocks.  If you aren't familiar with this...its an amphitheatre built into the rocks - Jacqui and I have been known to walk the stairs for a few hours, you can have picnics, they have great concerts and lots of hiking.  So, come along and enjoy our day!
The Morrison Inn - Morrison, CO is located 17 miles SW of Denver. Population is less than 500 and this restaurant has some of the best Mexican food and margaritas. They have a rooftop patio with live music and serve you chips and salsa (has a kick) when you sit down.
I was trying to capture this photo for Instagram (you can follow me at Kristin303)
Jacqui and I walked down the main road after lunch and stumbled across this boutique. They had new, old, china to clothes, vintage and lace along with jewelry and gifts. 
We both got a laugh when we saw this sitting on the shelf. Redneck Wine glass. 
Kristin and her new friend 
This was the drive in from the entrance off the main road in Morrison. Stunning. 

A glimpse of Red Rocks

This is the amphitheatre - Denver is in the distance.  These are the stairs we walk - add in some altitude and you have quite the workout!

Jacqui and I  - another beautiful day in Denver! The sun and blue sky never gets old.
This is worth a trip to Denver! It's a fun place to visit anytime of the year.  They offer group workouts on the weekends - if I tried to tell you how many people participated you wouldn't believe me. Colorado loves their fitness and workouts!
Vermont has become a favorite state of mine - as Jacqui knows whenever I need a little good luck I'll ask to see a Vermont license plate - well, look what we saw as we left the park! 
My new car! 2013 VW Touareg! It's black, beige leather interior and my first SUV. Can't wait for the snow to fall and my drives to the mountains!

As you can see the day was successful - not only did I get to test drive the car (I bought it today) but I was able to do a little exploring with my friend Jacqui!  Next up the Bronco game! I'll work on getting some pics posted and later this week I'll be heading to Summit County to stay near Keystone for the weekend. xo 


  1. Great Blog post, Kog! I really enjoyed it. I've never been to Red Rocks before. I feel like I was just there. Super photos!

  2. Whoops... forgot to tell you that I love your car. Kristin and an SUV... good CO car.

  3. Thanks mom!!! I forgot my camera that day and all the pics were taken with the camera on my iPhone! I'm excited for it to snow...even more than I typically am - can't wait to use my All Wheel Drive this winter!

  4. Awesome, Kristin. Sounds like such a great day. And you got the car :) Hope you are having a great mountain weekend--- see you next week! PS: That nasty sinus headache is gone. I'll drink to that! xoxo