Monday, September 3, 2012

Rooster wins!

     As a kid we looked forward to dinnertime! I was raised in Wisconsin and we love our food!  My mom always put so much effort into planning a fun meal for all of us to be part of - years ago (and I mean around 37 years ago) my mom taught me to make egg rolls, from there we tried crepes, and ALWAYS had my dad's hamburgers with tater tots on Saturday nights, followed by Chocolate Almond ice cream with Jimmies sprinkled on top!
     The best part about dinner was getting to use the rooster dishes - there was an unwritten rule in our house - whoever got to the rooster on the bottom, WINS! Wait, I still don't think we ever won anything, hmmm, maybe I should call my parents to discuss this.
     I've been thinking about creating a blog for awhile (heck, my own mom has had one for 7 years) and finally after watching Julie and Julia this weekend I finally pulled the trigger and am doing it. So, to start off my first blog I thought it would be appropriate to make Beef Bourguignon for dinner and haul out the rooster dishes.  Yes, I guess I did win! I won the dishes, sorry Wendy!
     I look forward to sharing my world with you - from my LOVE for Anthropologie, my family, exploring Colorado (and the rest of the world) and continuing to cook and try new recipes.  Enjoy!!

Welcome to the table - Rooster dishes are ready!
Beef, onions, garlic, beef broth, red wine, and an herb bouquet

Sauteed mushrooms in butter, red wine and beef broth

From the oven...hard to capture in a photo how amazing this smells

Beef Bourguignon - Thank you Julia Child


  1. Hello new Blog! I love it, Kog! I forgot about the rooster dishes... what memories! Julia would be proud of your cooking... it looks mighty tasty. I'm so proud of you honey!!

  2. OOooh, that looks AMAZING!!! Nice work!

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  4. Yay! Welcome :) May your blogging experience be an enjoyable one. Looking forward to following you! Maybe a get-together next weekend...neighbor. We can chat about life, food and blog posts! xoxo