Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colors of Colorado!

     Fall = Colors! Colorado is beautiful at anytime during the year but Fall in the mountains is spectacular!  A month ago my friend Kim called to see if I was free the end of the month and what are the chances I would want to watch their 2 daughters! I jumped at the opportunity!  Kim and I have been friends a very long time, we met on the golf course - yes, Junior Golf brought us together and it still gives laughs when we think about our Friday 'golf lessons', the trophies we won (snicker, snicker) getting Chef Salads, sodas, candy bars and hanging at the pool!  Kim and Dave live in Dillon, CO - about an hour from Denver and I visit them any chance I get.  They have this incredible mountain home that is so welcoming and warm - it's filled with the girls artwork, a big stone fireplace and lots of love!  It's my favorite getaway when I need a break from the city...sorry, that was a bit of rambling but I'm sure you get the reason why I was so excited to stay with Megan (8th grade) and Lizi (Sophomore)!!  I drove up on Thursday night and would be staying until Sunday morning (in order to get back for the Broncos game...priorities!)
Out for the first of many drives.
Enjoying the Aspens.... 
     We had a lot of things to do in 3 days and as Megan kept saying "it has to be bloggable or Kristin won't have anything to post"...  we had s'mores one night, watched bad TV, played golf and did a lot of  driving to take pictures of the Colorado colors!! 
A little more color
By this time the girls were beyond rolling their eyes.
I just had to keep stopping - both the girls were helpful to take pics if I was driving.
If you can't build a fire outside, find a restaurant that serves S'mores for dessert - Thank you Motherloaded (Breckenridge)
...and the golf outing begins! The River Course at Keystone.
One of the many views on the course
 I didn't know that Megan was filming this...now I know what to work on. 
I seriously can't get enough of the colors....everywhere we turned one tree was better than the next!

You guessed right, the 3rd hole.

Yes, I lost a ball and I had my dad in my head telling me to keep looking!

This was the shot I posted on Instagram. Thought the sun rays with the shadows was a fun shot.
We had a visitor. 
This is Megan. She broke her foot so she was our cheerleader or at least there to laugh at me.

This is Lizi! She's a star! You can tell how much she loves this game - the passion was visible!

Kim and Dave, anytime you want to get out of town you know who to call! I had so much fun and by the end of the weekend the girls were laughing at my 'mom voice' - I'll take that as a compliment!! xo
This week will involve Apple picking, getting a pumpkin or 2, making apple pies and more macarons!!

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  1. Liz looks like a pro! Tell her that from me. I love you searching for your lost ball. Great Fall photos!