Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apples, Pumpkins and clouds...

    One of the best parts of Colorado is the sunshine!  We have over 300 days of this lovely brightness so when I woke up on Saturday and saw a gloomy sky - not even a peak coming through the clouds - I was a tad bit sad.  I've been missing Wisconsin lately and and with the clouds covering our blue sky in  Denver I decided I would find an apple orchard and pumpkin farm here in CO to lift my spirits.  I found a place about 95 min away - Happy Apple Farms in Penrose, CO.

     How could you not love going to a place with the word 'happy' in their name??  I called Jacqui and asked if she was up for a drive and adventure...apples, pumpkins and hay rides here we come!  We pulled in and were so excited to see the orchards, country store and hot cider being served!
We're here! We had a little rain and some snow on the drive but nothing is stopping us from apples and pumpkins.
I'm all ready for the hay ride - off the pumpkin patch we go! 
Jacqui is all bundled up - it's only 43 degrees (it was 82 on Tuesday)
Hello hay ride! Apples, apples everywhere!
Apple orchard! Pie, cider and butter - you're calling my name!
Jacqui captured me taking a pic - thought the lighting was fun.
They dropped us off at the pumpkin putch - so maybe Jacqui and I were the oldest 'kids' running around trying to find the perfect pumpkin.

Just about perfect! I kept looking around for Charlie Brown, it is that time of year for "It's the Great Pumpkin" to be on TV.
We found some goodies - they not only had apples and cider but jams, jellies, and local honey.
I'm planning to make apple pie tonight so I was ready to load up.

A few more things for sale in the country store - of course I had to pick up some mini pumpkins for my place.

All local - jams, sauces, apple butter...they also had raspberries and blackberries on the orchard.

This could make a lot of pie! What a fun morning! We loaded up my car and were off to lunch.
We found this cute little place - there were 2 places to choose from - the staff was so friendly and the food was just what we were looking for. Jacqui got a grilled cheese and a cup of chili - perfect for the cold day. 
We decided to stop at the Broadmoor on our way back to Denver.  It's located in Colorado Springs so it was a nice place to stop and break up the drive. It's such a lovely hotel with a lot of history. 
We popped in to see part of the WI game (well, I wanted to see the game) and have a glass of wine.

Back on the road and on our way to Denver - dropped Jacqui at her car - and I headed home excited to make apple pies.  My friend Katie C had posted a pic of apple pies in jelly jars - looked yummy and a fun way to serve the sweet treat. Happy Apple Farms you lived up to my expectations and brought some sunshine into our gloomy Saturday.  Thanks for the hospitality - I'll be back next summer!

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