Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let There Be...TOAST!!!

      I LOVE Toast!  I love it!  It started as a kid and continues as an adult. I will eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with jelly, jam, cinnamon & sugar, honey or plain ole butter! That is key - did you catch that? Butter! Yes, I'm from Wisconsin so it has to be REAL butter! I prefer my butter salted but you can do without just make it real butter.  I'm sure to some of you this seems like a funny post but when I moved to Denver I got rid of my toaster... no reason just wanted to get a new one - but never did. I went on that 'no carb' kick, then it was the gluten free stuff, tried to toast bread with my broiler but I realized on the last trip to my sisters, I NEED A TOASTER!
     I've been traveling the past week and came home yesterday to a box at my door - I knew it was from my sister as their company sticker was plastered on the side - "what oh what did that darn Wendy send me??"...
Coming home to a box at my door is always a fun surprise! My sister is so good at this - cards, gifts, thought you would like this!

The unwrapping begins... of course I'm making you go through all of this with me! 

A TOASTER!!!! It's a toaster! I called her right away! Thank you Wendy! Thank you!

Toast does require a few things! As I stated above - REAL butter! I prefer Land-o-Lakes (salted), a nice honey wheat bread from Great Harvest Bread Co, and Cinnamon and Sugar. I use ground cinnamon and mix in sugar.

The bread pops up and we have toast!! I spread lots of butter...and a generous dose of C&S!
For those that doubted my love of toast - I think this proves it. 2 years ago my mom made Wendy and I scrapbooks - they start at birth and went to current times...this page showed how young I was when I started liking toast. (Thanks Mom!)
Let There Be....TOAST!!!

Thank you Wendy for the best surprise!! I am so happy to have toast and real butter back in my life!  xo


  1. Yum! I actually just made the same thing this morning - Jace wanted cinnamon toast for breakfast!

  2. Love the "toast post". Yes, you were quite the toast lover. That was sweet of the Wenders to send you a toaster. People don't use butter under the Colorado sun? I use Land o' Lakes also. Dr. Oz said to use whipped butter instead of any of the fake ones. Yea!!!