Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eat. Drink. Shop. Repeat!

     The title says it all or maybe it should be that catchy tune, "We Are Family"... 4 sisters together in Phoenix for a few days of fun, laughs and maybe a little shopping! OK, I take it back - a LOT of shopping! It started last Thursday - my younger sisters are twins, yes! they do look alike - flew in from Milwaukee and I flew in from Denver.  Our sister Allison couldn't make the trip this year but we will all be together again for Christmas in just 2 months!
    Laurel and Mary Robyn are both married with 3 kids each so this really was a vacation, getaway and time to sleep in for them - although with the time difference I think we were up & ready to go at 6am.  Wendy and Darin live in Phoenix, an area called Ahwatukee, and are always so happy to open their home and let us soak up their sun, drink their wine and use a car to escape to the nearest mall!  This year we had a slight mission - skin care, Louis Vuitton handbag and Nordstrom (Wisconsin doesn't have one)!  We sipped mimosas, consumed bloody mary's and def got to know the layout of the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall!
L to R: Laurel, Mary Robyn, Kristin & Wendy
Oh, Southwest! I love you - you get me where I need to go and considering I was on the road 38 wks last year - we know each other well!
A pay phone?? Who knew? I had to capture this at the Phoenix Airport - waiting on MR and Lo to arrive! 
Mary Robyn kicked off the weekend with gifts from our niece - thank you again Kate! The note is still on my laptop (even as I type this) - can't wait to see all the kids at Christmas! Laurel and Mary Robyn have taught the kids to send 'thank you' notes after gifts, there is something about a kids handwritten note that melts my heart!
Pizza, wine and salad - good way to start off the weekend!
Wendy and Darin's backyard - they back up to South Mountain. I wish I would have captured more pics from inside the house (I'll do that on next visit) - Wendy has great style!
Let the sun shine! We started our mornings and ended our nights by the pool.
Another view of the backyard - they have these chairs in 4 bright colors.
Yes, another view of the pool - capturing the waterfall. 
An instagram I posted to share the backyard and pool... and a cactus!
Home away from home! All joking aside the 1st time I went to this place (in Scottsdale Fashion Square) the bartender greeted us with "Hi Wendy, do you want the usual?" so it's fair to say my sister and her friend Tiffany like to eat/drink here while shopping!
Pomegranate mimosa - they have the best mimosa and bloody mary bar!!! No matter what I also sneak a piece of beef stick (guess that's a Wisconsin thing)
Chorizo Pork Scramble Skillet layered with potatoes, cheddar and jack cheese, green chili and topped with a bacon gratin & tortillas - spicy and delicious!
Bloody Mary Style Eggs Benedict - poached eggs on top of cornbread with chorizo and chipolte hollandaise sauce with a side of fried spinach! Wendy definetly picked the winner!
Cheers!!! We were toasting to the universe for a fabulous day of shopping!! 
One of my favorite places! Did you know that Nordstrom doesn't decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving! I love that. Laurel and Mary Robyn don't have a Nordstrom at home and I think this is one of the best in the country - let the fun begin!
Skincare and products were on the agenda and luck for us it was the Trend Show today! I love Bobbi Brown and have fallen for her skincare line! Living in a dry climate she has a moisturizer called Extra Repair with SPF 25. The 4 of us loaded up on samples...moved on to the next station.
Laurel was first - tried out some new eye cream, under eye product and we got her to take the gel eyeliner (if you haven't tried it - do so!)
Sharing my love for the brand!!! Bobbi if you happen to read this - I use your skincare, makeup and brushes!!
I was ready for a big girl watch and I love Kate Spade so it was the perfect fit (well, literally, after she removed a few links) - the packaging is a beautiful as the watch!
Didn't I tell you?? The packaging is incredible!
Mary Robyn got best dressed for the day - J Crew cardigan, Gap sandals and jewelry by Stella and Dot
Of course we have to look! The Nordstrom at Scottsdale has THE BEST shoe department - I lived in Chicago for 6 years and it's better than the store on Michigan Ave!
Kate stikes again! Polka dots are the rage.
Wendy got a Louis for her birthday in July and I fell in love with it so after asking my sister if she's ok with it, I bought one too! (Shirt from Anthro; shorts: J Crew chino)
Why yes! I would love the monogram - and so would my sister Wendy! 
In order for Wendy to get her initials they asked her to dump out her contents into a bag... here you go, we laughed so hard at all of this - tampon, business cards, golf grip, eye drops, sunglasses.... random! What's in your purse??
A little fuzzy but had to capture the purchase in front of their latest store window! I love you Louis Vuitton!!!
Hello Anthro!!! Of course we had to get a pic of the window - great dress in person too!!  Did you check out the latest catalog?? I've circled what I want!  
My shopping: Coat from Anthro (feels like felt, big buttons and broad collar with belt in back); shoes are Stuart Weitzman - everyone needs a pair of nude heels.
Anthro sweater - ties at waste with a kick; planning on this with my skinny jeans; flats are Cole Haan, love the Nike Air in the heel.
Goodbye Phoenix!

I think you saw in the pictures what a wonderful weekend it was! Not only did we check a lot off our shopping lists but we were able to catch up in person, laugh over silly things and we created new memories to always remember our time in Phoenix! Mary Robyn walked away with the most purchased shoes award; Laurel was named "movie star" for her glamour looks in all the photos and Wendy was hostess with the mostess! I love you all and can't wait to see you in Oshkosh for Christmas but we're already talking about another weekend next year...Denver??? xo


  1. I miss the Z Tejas bloody mary bar!!

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend! I want to be a sister:-)

  3. It was fun shopping with you and the girls! I love the Anthro sweater.