Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sprinkles for part 2

     My oh my!! How did I leave out the cupcake stop?? After our 2nd day of shopping we made a pit stop at Sprinkles (yes, the first cupcake bakery) for a midday sugar rush!! It reminds me of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld... when you step in the front door you are overwhelmed with the sweet smell and a case of cupcakes with a sign above telling you what each one is and what the dots on top of the sugary delight mean.  When they ask you what you want, you better know, because the store is packed and people are beyond excited for their treats!
     After gazing at the case and reading all the names the 4 of us were ready to place our order, "we'll take 4 please" and so it began... "1 vanilla, 1 coconut, 1 cinnamon & sugar, wait, wait, make that 2 coconuts and leave the rest"... the packaging (see, I told you I  love packaging) is as adorable as the cakes themselves.  They come in a small brown kraft box with a wooden fork...

 All I can say is YUM!! If you don't have a Sprinkles around you - Williams-Sonoma does carry a few flavors. I made the spice - easy and just as delicious, maybe even more so since you have a whole tray for yourself and no long line to stand in! Enjoy!! xo


  1. I love that Sprinkles store. So difficult to decide what you want.