Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Little Piggy Got a Pedicure!

     It's Spa Day! It's Spa Day! I woke up this morning and had plans to clean my house, get organized and be domestic UNTIL my friend Stacy called to see if I was up for a drive to Evergreen and visit our favorite spa!! I was on 4 flights this week and with all my traveling and little sleep I came down with my first cold for the season but that wasn't going to get in my way from spending the better part of the day at Tall Grass Spa! I called to see what they had for openings and signed us up!
     Tall Grass is an Aveda Spa and Salon and sits in the small town of Evergreen, an hour outside of Denver.  It's one of my favorite escapes from the city - set in a rustic, woody area - plenty of wildlife grazing around the grounds and always a warm cup of tea upon arrival.
    Stacy and I have a joke that every time we get together it snows - it really doesn't matter what time of year it is - if we are together it will snow! Today was no different!  Stacy picked me up and away we went - as we drove it started raining, then hail and eventually snow!!  We called to tell them with the weather we would be late but they were gracious and ready to grab our shoes, purses and hand us a cup of their famous tea.  As I sat down and placed my feet in the soapy water I forgot about my cold, the travels and even the was time to put my head back and relax and take in the Aveda aromas that make me smile!
Welcome to Tall Grass Aveda Spa and Salon!
Stacy and I - friends since college and so lucky to have her in the Denver area!
The chairs are so big and comfy - the magazines were plenty and the quiet time made for a fabulous Saturday!
Files, scrubs, salts and aromas - this spa pedicure is going to rock! I set my feet in the soapy water and put my head back. 
I love their tea - I keep a couple boxes of it at my house - its the best flavor and instantly makes you relax! 
Salt scrub time! She mixed oils and lotion after this and massaged away.  I am not going to admit how many months it has been since my last pedicure but I will say she had her work cut out for her today. 
Love OPI and brown tones for Fall - You Don't Know Jacques!
ta-da! Drying time in the great room. Stacy thought ahead and brought her own flip-flops, not me, I borrowed a pair of their foamy flops...and check out that tissue - all part of the experience.
I LOVE Aveda - right up there with Anthropologie and Nordstrom!  My house smells like an Aveda salon - hair products, candles and #3 spray are some of my favs. 
Who doesn't love a fire with a cup of tea! Snow falling outside made for a cozy moment in the great room - feet up and eyes closed. 
Stacy caught me taking in the moment. I could have sat here all afternoon but we had lunch to eat and I had plans later this afternoon.
Outside the spa - not the prettiest today but in the summer this is where you want to sit.
View as we left the spa...Evergreen is the perfect escape.
I was told to give "Little Bear" a try - here is it! Local bar/restaurant but lots of fun - live music playing and the decor reminded me of a WI bar.
It's legendary! 
The "tourist"... I love bacon! I love cheese! I love guacamole! 
Stacy and I decided to split the burger and get an order of nachos! Delicious!!!!

Tall Grass Spa - once again you made my day even better!  For anyone who hasn't been - sign up and take in the scenery, aromas and of course the tea!  I hope all of you had a splendid Saturday and made time for yourself! xo
P.S. Thanks mom for the gift card - it makes it even more special of a day!


  1. Great post! You made me feel like I was right there sipping tea in front of the fire. You know how I love tea... does it have caffeine or is it herbal?