Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 2....I see light...

     Well, if you are thinking I'm going to tell you this is a breeze and the smoothies are SO delicious...go visit another blog! Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to snap at you but this is harder than it looks - not sure if it's my hormones (see previous post for that story) or the fact that something solid to eat would be lovely right about now!  Oh well, I'm almost there... and heck, after having my mouth wired shut for 8 weeks while in high school - I CAN DO THIS!!!
     So I don't have pictures of the smoothies today (since the drinks are the same each day) I'm just going to share some points I've discovered:

  • I slept like a baby last night - not sure if it's the dreamy lavender bath - but I got in 8.5 hours
  • The 3rd smoothie calls for cayenne pepper - today I added a tad extra - I'd drink this one often
  • I was starving when I woke from my beauty sleep today
  • Not sure if I'm missing the coffee or the routine of making and having coffee in the morning
  • Yes! I had a headache
  • The morning smoothie would be better if it was much colder!
  • Did I mention that I'm ready for something 'real' to eat?
  • I'm excited to see if I lose some weight with this...even if all goes back on after breakfast on Thursday (don't worry Kim, I'll weigh myself before first thing)
  • My dad's comment "You just need to have will power!"
  • You definitely want to eat within an hour of waking
  • Working from home makes this easier (preparing the smoothies) but I also keep the TV on and realized every commercial is about food
  • I'm excited to have gone a few days without soda
  • Felt lightheaded earlier in the afternoon
  • Didn't feel like working out...wait? that may not be related to the cleanse
  • Proud of myself that during a week I'd typically be craving a Pepsi and Chocolate - I'm trying this
OK, Back to the evening - this was short and sweet but I'm going to finish the dinner smoothie and take my bath...heck, at this rate I'll be in bed by 7! 

Here's one of my 'picnics' in my house....it's what I'll be doing on Thursday to celebrate 3 days of removing the toxins!!! xo

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  1. Was just thinking about you and how this was going. You're doing great and I bet you'll feel amazing come Thursday morning. I do remember those no coffee headaches from our raw days! : )