Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stop! Drop! and Roll in Mud!!

     Who likes mud? We do! We do! The new trend is to not only complete a run but add in some obstacles and MUD!! My sister and I ran the Dirty Girl Mud run on Nov 17 in Phoenix! I must say, we've both done a marathon, a few halves but this will go down as my favorite! We actually had to stop and laugh during the event.
     I flew to Phoenix that morning, landed at 8:30am and Wendy was waiting for me at the airport - hopped in her car, changed while she drove us to the park, added our pink sparkle and started the race at 9:45.  We got to laughing at how excited everyone was, the dance music blaring so early in the day and women all around us cheering and singing.
     The run is a 5K & has 11 obstacles - scaling (ok, maybe not that extreme) over a wall, jumping through mud puddles, climbing a net (this one got both of us with our fear of heights), and the best was crawling on our hands and knees under a tarp IN MUD!!! It was awesome! Like I said earlier, we laughed a lot!!! We both said we're doing it again next year but going to get more women to join us and def needed my brother in law there to take pictures of us.
Wendy & I all ready for the mud! We are way too clean right now!
Dirty Girl Mud Run.

We love mud! We kept the feather boas on the entire run. 
Look what they brought in from Colorado for everyone! Oh so yummy!
This was the end - right before you run through this you run through a pool of mud! Wendy and I said next year we are going to dive into that pool.
Check out Wendy! She had me laughing so hard - we got a kick out of the women who didn't want to get muddy and walked around the obstacles! Not my sister - she was head to toe MUD!
This was the climb that had both of us a little nervous - neither of us likes heights but we did it!
The pool of mud I was talking about! And to think people pay money for this at a spa!
Need More Cowbell!!
This was the 2nd obstacle - a big bouncy slide - climb up one side and slide the other!
Had to capture the feather boa - made us run like rock stars!
Picture of my Asics I posted to Instagram - kristin303
This was our day! Mud, sister time and a lot of laughing!!! 
My brother in law had shoulder surgery the day before and couldn't be there to watch us so we kept our muddy clothes on and shared the fun with him! Our final pic in their backyard - pink sequin cowboy hats and all!

Keep your eyes open for a mud run near you! You can walk, run or crawl this event - just sign up for it next year and laugh your way through it!  xo

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