Monday, November 12, 2012

Honky Tonk Time!

     What do you get when you bring 9 ladies together for a long weekend in Nashville; add in a Bears/Titan game (I didn't cheer for the Bears!!) live music, beer, and grits?? An incredible Honky-Tonk Time!!!! When Sabri first talked to me about getting together I was sold - on the city itself (and you too Sabri!) spend a weekend with some of my Chicago friends - Melissa, Sabri (even though she's in Florida - she's still a Chicago friend), Katie & Natalie...sign me up! Then I found out 4 more women were coming and the weekend was sounding even more fabulous!  The more the merrier!
    As excited as I was to see my friends, I was equally as excited for my arrival outfit and I knew exactly what I would wear - blue strapless tiered dress from Anthropologie, Brown chunky belt, Sundance Brown leather jacket and my cowboy boots.  We got to Nashville around 5 and all 9 of us kicked off the weekend with a champagne cocktail at the hotel and away we went...first to grab dinner then off to Broadway to take in the tunes and kick up our heels.  If you haven't been to Nashville - GO! It's one of my favorite cities - lots to do and plenty of music to be heard.  If you can get yourself to Broadway and 2nd St - you are set!
My favorite boots - Siren by Mark Nason, yes a little Nordstrom purchase 2 years ago.  They are beautiful, supple with a rose embroidered on the back!
Hello Nashville! I was trying to get this pic from the cab and bless his heart, the driver slowed down so I could get it.
When in Nashville or at least at the Marriott Vanderbilt - have yourself a little champagne cocktail! Cheers!
Broadway St! Tootsies, Roberts, Paradise Park, The Stage, The Wheel and the Whiskey music all around.
Why get a glass of beer when you can drink a pitcher?? And we wonder why Nashville ran out of beer on Sunday! Annick was one of the girls I met this weekend - she's invited to Denver anytime - hilarious and had us non-stop laughing.
Another new friend, Paige with Sabri! Love these women! We had so much fun at the Paradise Park...little white trash like but the bands were terrific and there was dancing!
Kristin & Melissa! I miss her so much! We were on the same team when I lived in Chicago -  I so miss chatting with her daily!
Kristin - Melissa - Sabri....a break between laughs! At this point the others had just the 3 of us and we covered some ground.
Now the funniest thing about this picture - the next day at breakfast we were laughing as we passed this photo around - all the girls asked who the guy in the red was...the guy? Who the heck is the girl in the grey sweater?? It still cracks me up. 
It's Bullwinkle! I swear every bar we went to had some big animal stuffed on a I in Nashville or Wyoming?
It's White Castle time....felt like we were back in Chicago. Do you all notice the cheese sticks on this receipt? I'm still trying to find them...
It's a good thing Wendy's was still open - spicy chicken sandwich and fries!! They weren't please I walked in with my White Castle cup but I kept trying to convince them I dont' like White Castle and therefore I am here...oh! Don't try and walk through the drive thru when the restaurant is open. 
Breakfast on Saturday was at Noshville... yummy! 
This reminded me of New York and their delis.... Noshville was fun! Delicious! and a great way to catch up after a fun night out. My abs hurt so much after this breakfast from all the laughing.
I know I like bacon but really!! I love that Bev and Annick pointed this out to me on our walk back from breakfast.
No, I didn't buy them but had to get a pic...the rhinestones.
and look at Wrangler trying to bling up their've come along way from my college days. 
Dinner time! Dress: Anthropologie Jacket: Sundance Boots: Nordstrom Jewelry: Stella and Dot
Katie picked this place...we had dinner in a cabana - Alabama game on (Paige and Nat went there), fun pitchers of drinks and entertainment at the table next to us made for a memorable night. 
Annick - Katie - Bev....I used my iPhone for these pics - next time, taking my good camera. 
Melissa - Sabri - Kristin
Shrimp and Grits! Beyond delicious....just wanted to add more grips and soak up all the Tabasco Butter at the bottom of the bowl. 
Bears/Titans game! The day was fun. I will admit it was hard being at a Bears game when they aren't playing my team.   
We tried to hail some cabs...walked and walked and Melissa said we should hail a pick up, so Katie sprang into action and look at us now - 9 women in the back of a pickup! Felt like we should be throwing candy at a parade. 
Hello from the back of a truck!
Beef brisket on nachos! I've gone to Heaven.
Stopped by this store - my brother in law Darin likes Johnny Cash so I stopped in to find him a koozi...nothing but still a great store. 
The group waiting to get into The Stage...did I tell you that Nashville ran out of beer! They blamed it on the Bear fans. 
Sabri borrowed a hat and the dancing started! How great is she!?!?
This photo had to be added - Sabri and Melissa were trying to figure out who he was, Kris Kristopherson? Who in country music is this guy and once I stopped laughing I said "the Dos Equis guy".... guess you had to be there!

There you have it - 9 ladies; Nashville, TN; dancing; music, beer (or lack of) food and a whole lot of laughing. New friends - old friends. All in all one of my most favorite weekends and memories I won't, where are those cheese sticks?? xo

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