Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kick This Cold...

     I've been traveling a lot for work and fun lately and that means planes and germs...yuck!  Well, my first cold for the season kicked into high gear this past weekend - no voice for a few days now and the red noise may have me mistaken for one of Santa's reindeer!  I've been drinking so much tea and water but wanted to try this drink my friend Katie had a couple weeks ago while at lunch - it was warm, filled with a sweet-ginger aroma and looked delightful!
     I was in touch with Katie earlier today to find out what exactly was in it - luckily I had everything in my house - ginger, sparkling water, agave...this is going to be the perfect treat for my sore throat!
Agave, ginger, water, sparkling water...and I added lemon. I  squeezed about 2T of fresh lemon juice, 1 T agave, 2 cups of water and a few pieces of ginger.
This makes it look like goldfish swimming around but it's the fresh ginger slices I put in the water as it boiled. I put all ingredients into the pan (except the sparkling water) and boiled.  I used a strainer as I poured into my mug and topped with a splash of sparkling water. 
Lemony-ginger goodness! It's delicious!

I'm sure this is to be the cure to bring my voice back and heal this sore throat! Try it at home and let me know what you think. Thank you True Foods for the idea - their drink is called The Natural and doesn't have the lemon - with or without it's quite tasty!

Cold season is here but now we know how to kick this cold to the curb! xo 

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  1. That sounds tasty... I like everything in it! Thanks for sharing your creation!! XOXO