Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 3...ALL Roads Lead to Chicken!

     Well,  I'm here to admit...I caved this afternoon. I had to run out to a Dr appt and was snappy like a turtle to people - - - I wanted to eat and have a coffee!  It didn't help that I needed to run to, I will tell you that I didn't have a sample, not a one, but getting through Costco without trying a bite of anything deserves an award!  So, maybe that made me feel ok that I had some chicken and almonds when I got home.  Plain and grilled, but it was the best chicken I've, what did I learn:

My Costco purchases! Frozen fruit, wild rice, Tilapia, Perrier, Salad, Cottage Cheese and MorningStar patties! YUM!

  • I have NO will power!
  • I'm best when I have a cup of coffee in the morning (today I was up at 4:30am and started working by 5....I like my routine of coffee and emails)
  • I will continue to take the Epsom Salt/Lavender baths - I was asleep by 7:30pm last night (why I was up at 4:30am)
  • I went 3 days without dairy and sugar
  • No cravings for a soda
  • No desire to have junk food or fast food
  • Excited to have removed some of the bloat feeling
  • It was a great experience and if anything I know that I love my Vitamix even more than I thought I could
  • Overall, I'd give it a B. I'd like to try it again - yes, I just said that...I'd try it again. 
  • If you don't like to eat clean foods you will in trouble but give it a shot, challenge yourself...even to get through a few days without sugar, dairy or junk food!
  • I was down 3.5 lbs this morning!
My morning smoothie and cup of detox tea! You were fun to try but tomorrow it's back to coffee for me!

Maybe I should submit my notes to Dr Oz and tell him I've created my own 2.5 day cleanse.
Enjoy your evening! xo

Right after I finished my blog a guy from high school emailed me a juice cleanse he & his wife do every year...that's all it took and now I need to look into this...possibly for my next stint of being home for a few days?? Not sure about 7 or 8 but I'm intrigued.

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